YOGA! A practice started for so many reasons...

For me:  it started with the body, a desperate need to relieve unbearable backache. Together with that relief, came a healing of the mind. YOGA taught me positivity and anxiety attacks became less and now are a thing of the past.

Just recently, when life threw me a curve ball, it was YOGA that kept my spirit alive. 

I can't imagine my life without YOGA!

 2019 has started off with a bang! and we are LOVING it!

During the holidays we set out to create a mural, paint something in our studio that not only looks awesome but also something our yogis can pose infront of. We decided on butterfly wings, why? because each person who walks through our doors, puts their mat down and practices yoga, is changing, they're evolving into the best they can be! Taking time out of their busy lives for themselves, focusing on creating peace within themselves and appreciating everything that your body can do for you.

Everything you can imagine is real, a quote from a famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Anything we want in life, anything we can imagine for ourselves can happen. We just need to work hard and believe it will h...

                                                Magdarie (Mags) van Staden - Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

"My journey into yoga started back in 2010 when I joined yoga classes at my local gym. It was a great add-on to my already active lifestyle. After a couple months of diligent practice I started seeing an improvement in my strength, endurance and flexibility. Yoga also served as the perfect remedy to release tight and rigid muscles after a strenuous training session. But with yoga, we're not just working on a physical lev...

We are so excited to be in our brand new space! we are even luckier that we are in a position to need a bigger space! Just so blessed all round!

Looking for an ideal spot to move wasn't easy, we looked at many studio spaces but nothing felt like the right place. Until we looked at a space in Gillitts shopping centre, although it was previously a restaurant we could see the potential in the space. The whole place was gutted, new windows, new floors and lots of paint! With a brand new garden area , awesome vinyl's on our windows and on walls, we where all systems go!

Our studio is now part of a busy centre, with an awesome vibe!

Massive thank you to everyone who helped us with our move and to all our yogis for their continued support and love fo...

Throughout the year Monique and I raise donations for various charities, both personally and through the studio. In 2017 for our studios 1st year anniversary we asked our yogis to donate canned goods, toiletries or blankets for the elderly at Natal Settlers Home.

Our year end party we sold raffle tickets for hampers, which where made up of items bought in by our awesome yogis. All the proceeds went to Kloof and Highway SPCA.

This year we have decided to join our personal charity drives and the studios, hopefully this way we can make even more of an impact.

Monique has completed both the up and down run comrades marathons, 89km from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and visa versa. This years down run on June 10th, Monique will dedicate her run to the BLOO...

There is so much pressure on kids these days to perform well at school, sports and afterschool activities. Their little lives are so full! and they generally love it! however at some point it can become a bit much and the pressure starts to take its toll.

Anxiety in kids is common, they all experience it at some point. New school year, homework, exams, the list goes on and on!

Yoga is a great way to calm kiddos down and help them cope with day to day stress and anxiety. Yoga for kids is an awesome way to develop confidence, through a series of poses combined with breathing exercises. Learning to calm yourself down is a great tool in the struggle with anxiety.

Mountain pose, waterfall pose, tree pose , downward facing dog, child pose and starfish po...

We are absolutely ready for yoga and life in 2018!!

so excited for what this year will bring for Limber Lotus Lifestyle studio, the possibilities are endless!

We are positive that our studio will continue to grow and that we will continue to meet amazing people.

2017 was good BUT 2018 will be exceptional.

We have set our own personal yoga goals! Have you?

Did you achieve your yoga goals in 2017? Do not be discouraged if you didn't get into the pose you really wanted to. Yoga is about taking your time to achieve your goals, mentally and physically.

Perhaps you learnt perseverance and patience while trying so hard to get into your 2017 pose, maybe the lesson was not a physical one but instead you learnt something mentally or emotionally about yourself.


What does this have to do with yoga? cartwheels and handstands on the beach?

Well! As kids I am sure you must have practiced cartwheels and handstands in the garden or just about anywhere possible, 1 handed cartwheels and walking on your hands.

Have you watched your kids do this? I know my daughter spends more time upside down than she does upright, if there is a space to go over she will!

As adults can you still do this? with ease? or do you feel like your pulling every possible muscle in your entire body?

Monique and I will practise handstands and cartwheels whenever we go to the beach, why? because its fun!

In class we do practise handstands. Getting into a handstand without the wall or kicking your legs up a million times, practicing to tuck...

Too nervous to try yoga? because of all the crazy poses you see online? social media is an amazing tool to get your pics out into the world, you no longer need to pick up a magazine to see some crazy yogi in a crazy arm balance or back bend! Now you just open your facebook or instagram apps and they're all over.

We absolutely post these kind of pics, as well as the poses that we practice every yoga class, like the downward facing dog (in this pic). Yoga is not about how much you can bend or if you can touch your toes, its about how you got to that point of being able to get into a crazy social media post.

The pics hopefully inspire yogis to try out new poses and inspire new people to try out yoga!

The crazy social media posts, are to show you wha...

 People often ask if I enjoy teaching kids yoga and why don't I teach adult yoga instead? well there are loads of reasons why I love teaching kids yoga!

 There are many benefits for kids (obviously), it is a fun way to enhance physical flexibility, helps with concerntation, balance, boosts self-esteem and confidence, all while using their imagination. I have seen amazing improvement in my little lotus yogis this year. The smiling faces and happiness when they run into the studio, all super excited to learn and have fun!

The more they practise, the more confident the little lotus yogi's become. I love it when I get sent photo's of the kiddos in yoga poses, at home or on holiday, they've actually asked their mom to send it through. Super cute right?...

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