Throughout the year Monique and I raise donations for various charities, both personally and through the studio. In 2017 for our studios 1st year anniversary we asked our yogis to donate canned goods, toiletries or blankets for the elderly at Natal Settlers Home.

Our year end party we sold raffle tickets for hampers, which where made up of items bought in by our awesome yogis. All the proceeds went to Kloof and Highway SPCA.

This year we have decided to join our personal charity drives and the studios, hopefully this way we can make even more of an impact.

Monique has completed both the up and down run comrades marathons, 89km from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and visa versa. This years down run on June 10th, Monique will dedicate her run to the BLOO...

There is so much pressure on kids these days to perform well at school, sports and afterschool activities. Their little lives are so full! and they generally love it! however at some point it can become a bit much and the pressure starts to take its toll.

Anxiety in kids is common, they all experience it at some point. New school year, homework, exams, the list goes on and on!

Yoga is a great way to calm kiddos down and help them cope with day to day stress and anxiety. Yoga for kids is an awesome way to develop confidence, through a series of poses combined with breathing exercises. Learning to calm yourself down is a great tool in the struggle with anxiety.

Mountain pose, waterfall pose, tree pose , downward facing dog, child pose and starfish po...

We are absolutely ready for yoga and life in 2018!!

so excited for what this year will bring for Limber Lotus Lifestyle studio, the possibilities are endless!

We are positive that our studio will continue to grow and that we will continue to meet amazing people.

2017 was good BUT 2018 will be exceptional.

We have set our own personal yoga goals! Have you?

Did you achieve your yoga goals in 2017? Do not be discouraged if you didn't get into the pose you really wanted to. Yoga is about taking your time to achieve your goals, mentally and physically.

Perhaps you learnt perseverance and patience while trying so hard to get into your 2017 pose, maybe the lesson was not a physical one but instead you learnt something mentally or emotionally about yourself.


Two little girls , not even two years old became playground friends. Two little girls and their moms. That's how we ; Monique and I (Gaynor) met in 2013!

 I have one daughter and Monique has a daughter and a son, they all started at the same pre-primary. We got to know each other at kiddies birthday parties and chatting in the parking lot at school, waiting to fetch our little ones.  Monique had a broken ankle during this time, which in a round about way kind of lead us to where we are now! This is how the subject of yoga came up (thankfully right?) Monique couldn't wait to get her cast off so that she could start teaching again. So once the cast was off, I joined her yoga class at the gym.

INSTANTLY HOOKED is putting it lightly. WO...

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