Magdarie (Mags) van Staden - Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

"My journey into yoga started back in 2010 when I joined yoga classes at my local gym. It was a great add-on to my already active lifestyle. After a couple months of diligent practice I started seeing an improvement in my strength, endurance and flexibility. Yoga also served as the perfect remedy to release tight and rigid muscles after a strenuous training session. But with yoga, we're not just working on a physical lev...

We are absolutely ready for yoga and life in 2018!!

so excited for what this year will bring for Limber Lotus Lifestyle studio, the possibilities are endless!

We are positive that our studio will continue to grow and that we will continue to meet amazing people.

2017 was good BUT 2018 will be exceptional.

We have set our own personal yoga goals! Have you?

Did you achieve your yoga goals in 2017? Do not be discouraged if you didn't get into the pose you really wanted to. Yoga is about taking your time to achieve your goals, mentally and physically.

Perhaps you learnt perseverance and patience while trying so hard to get into your 2017 pose, maybe the lesson was not a physical one but instead you learnt something mentally or emotionally about yourself.


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