Magdarie (Mags) van Staden - Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

"My journey into yoga started back in 2010 when I joined yoga classes at my local gym. It was a great add-on to my already active lifestyle. After a couple months of diligent practice I started seeing an improvement in my strength, endurance and flexibility. Yoga also served as the perfect remedy to release tight and rigid muscles after a strenuous training session. But with yoga, we're not just working on a physical lev...

In yoga we believe in focusing on the positive aspects of life, the joy and the love. Becoming a calmer person, becoming a more positive person. Trying not to focus on all the negative things around us.

Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 

When you arrive at yoga class, you're not worried about what you look like. It's not pretentious. It's not about what brand of clothing you're wearing. We are all there to grow, emotionally and physically.

Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 

For that hour and a quarter, your sole focus is on yourself. Not kids, not work, not errands, just you. In our busy lives who gets to do that! You are actually taking a time out for yourself.

Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 

There is never a time I've left class and n...

I have actively participated in sports as far back as I can remember ….. from cricket to hockey to soccer to tennis during my school life, and then from squash to golf to cycling (and the rest) in my adult life. In 2014 I had an accident whilst mountain biking,  and injured my knee (posterior cruciate ligament). I was told to lay off squash and cycling for 6 to 9 months. I was devastated and frustrated. I might add that I could not help but notice that over the years my posture was gradually becoming closed and stooped and I was losing flexibility throughout my body.

Towards the end of 2014 little did I know that my life was about to change. My new neighbour introduced herself and I soon found out that she was a yoga teacher. I was curious! And s...

Are you the type of yogi who prefers the gym yoga classes or do you just love going to a private yoga studio? or are you not phased at all?

If your not phased at all, I think you're lucky! you've mastered the art of blocking out the noises that are created in a gym. You can lie on your mat, during savasana and completely relax, even though all you can hear is the BANG of the weights dropping to the ground on the level above you. You absolutely are focused and don't wonder about how structurally safe the floor slab is after continual abuse. You don't mind other gym goers quickly "popping In" to fetch a block or some other equipment or the people who walked in halfway through the class. What about the people who start snacking during the class?!


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