How it all started!

September 3, 2017



Two little girls , not even two years old became playground friends. Two little girls and their moms. That's how we ; Monique and I (Gaynor) met in 2013!

 I have one daughter and Monique has a daughter and a son, they all started at the same pre-primary. We got to know each other at kiddies birthday parties and chatting in the parking lot at school, waiting to fetch our little ones.  Monique had a broken ankle during this time, which in a round about way kind of lead us to where we are now! This is how the subject of yoga came up (thankfully right?) Monique couldn't wait to get her cast off so that she could start teaching again. So once the cast was off, I joined her yoga class at the gym.


INSTANTLY HOOKED is putting it lightly. WOW, just wow! I have practiced yoga off and on since high school and while living in the UK, however I never found the 'right' teacher, one who makes you feel like you can and will accomplish anything. A yoga instructor that allows you to at least try the hard stuff each class! I started attending both the gym class and classes at a local studio, where Monique hired space. Our friendship grew, the kids friendship grew, our dreams and hopes grew. We would discuss owning a yoga studio over wine or coffee, an idea we had for the distant future.


Until.......a little over a year ago, the perfect spot became available and a decision was made quickly to open the studio!

We were OH SO lucky to have some help from our mentor/friend/yogi Ralph (blog post about Ralph to follow!), who has been a great inspiration and given us amazing advice. Our husbands, families and friends supported us every step of the way and in no time we had our studio opening party and away we went! what an AWESOME year we have had, lots and lots of fun. Meeting new people, adding new classes, experiencing different things together. We couldn't ask for a better partnership!


Just shows you; what is meant to be will be! The universe has a way of leading people to where they should be. Two little girls and their moms.






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