private studio vs gym studio

September 6, 2017


Are you the type of yogi who prefers the gym yoga classes or do you just love going to a private yoga studio? or are you not phased at all?

If your not phased at all, I think you're lucky! you've mastered the art of blocking out the noises that are created in a gym. You can lie on your mat, during savasana and completely relax, even though all you can hear is the BANG of the weights dropping to the ground on the level above you. You absolutely are focused and don't wonder about how structurally safe the floor slab is after continual abuse. You don't mind other gym goers quickly "popping In" to fetch a block or some other equipment or the people who walked in halfway through the class. What about the people who start snacking during the class?!

If you are a yogi who can cope with all the distractions, then that's truly amazing!


Naturally we are biased, as we own a private studio :) however the strong argument is that, in our studio (or any privately run studio) you are not just a number, you are infact an important part of our story. Whether your on the mat only once a week or more,  we know where you prefer to place your mat. We know if you have kids, we know what you do for a living. We know your story.

There is nothing better than arriving at class, having a quick catch up, rolling out your mat, moaning (yes Mon at you! especially in boat pose), laughing , getting stronger, being balanced, getting lift off and clapping for our fellow yogi's who accomplish something they never thought they could! Waking out of the studio happy. Being happy. Loving life.


So my answer: private studio wins hands down!

(no offence to any commercial gym, just our experiences while attending yoga)

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