The journey of yoga

September 11, 2017


I have actively participated in sports as far back as I can remember ….. from cricket to hockey to soccer to tennis during my school life, and then from squash to golf to cycling (and the rest) in my adult life. In 2014 I had an accident whilst mountain biking,  and injured my knee (posterior cruciate ligament). I was told to lay off squash and cycling for 6 to 9 months. I was devastated and frustrated. I might add that I could not help but notice that over the years my posture was gradually becoming closed and stooped and I was losing flexibility throughout my body.


Towards the end of 2014 little did I know that my life was about to change. My new neighbour introduced herself and I soon found out that she was a yoga teacher. I was curious! And so I invited Monique over to explain this Yoga thing! She convinced me to attend a free class. Being a proud sporty male, and thinking that Yoga was for weirdos, I snuck into the class without telling anyone! And so it began. I soon found out how inflexible I was and how yoga could help me. I religiously attended a class a week, and soon changed to two classes per week. I was hooked! And I could physically experience the change in my body, the improved strength and flexibility in my body. My old sports ailments were healing! And above all, I was now convinced that Yoga is not weird but necessary for all us sports mad male folk.


Being an upper Highway resident, I just wanted everyone to know that Limber Lotus is right here in our neighbourhood, and that others should experience Monique’s Yoga classes. Monique is unique, she is one of a kind. Her classes are rewarding, beneficial, remedial, challenging and above all fun! Monique is technically very knowledgeable, personable and refreshing!


And so the next part of this journey began. I had been involved in a number of businesses over the past 20 years, and this was a small way I could give some of my experience back. I offered to help Monique grow Limber Lotus into a more substantial Yoga studio where many many highway folk could reap the benefits of her Yoga classes. Monique finally secured her own studio, and with her new partner, Gaynor, it was a thrill for me to witness the launch of the Limber Lotus Lifestyle Studio on the 2nd July 2016. Gaynor complements Monique so well, and keeps the business going, the branding, the marketing, the social media and the administration. What a successful partnership!


And so here we are more than a year after the start of Limber Lotus Lifestyle studio. I have been doing yoga for 3 years. I am living proof that yoga has had a sublime impact on my body. I am far more flexible, I have a stronger inner core, I have better upper body strength, and have more control and balance. This has translated in much improved squash and golf. The men’s yoga class started earlier this year. It is certainly not a sexist thing! But it was a way to get my like-minded sports mad mates into the yoga studio. These guys are totally sold on the fact that yoga will improve their quality of life, of sports, and more! We all so look forward to the early Monday morning class… it is rewarding, fun and very challenging. Monique certainly knows how to handle us men 😊. To quote one of the men “man, this is tougher then army basics”. So whoever thought it was slow stretches to music was wrong! This is serious stuff, and fun.


We can do headstands, handstands, bakasanas and lots more party tricks. Men just want to do this stuff because it makes us feel like we have achieved! Yoga is not about competing, but more about incremental improvements! Ja! Try telling that to us men. But who cares, it’s the result that counts.

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