Inhale positivity, exhale negativity

September 18, 2017


In yoga we believe in focusing on the positive aspects of life, the joy and the love. Becoming a calmer person, becoming a more positive person. Trying not to focus on all the negative things around us.


Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 


When you arrive at yoga class, you're not worried about what you look like. It's not pretentious. It's not about what brand of clothing you're wearing. We are all there to grow, emotionally and physically.


Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 


For that hour and a quarter, your sole focus is on yourself. Not kids, not work, not errands, just you. In our busy lives who gets to do that! You are actually taking a time out for yourself.


Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 


There is never a time I've left class and not felt better about everything in general. Working hard in class and then getting to relax and clear your mind completely during savasana (basically sleeping on your mat at the end of class, like the pic!), learning to not fidget or overthink, learning to just lie still and BE still in your body, mind and thoughts.


Inhale positively. Exhale negativity. 





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