men's yoga?

September 27, 2017

If you've seen any of our social media posts you will know that we have a lot of male yogis, which is awesome!

 Infact we have a men's only yoga class, these men are strong, they are sportsman, they are hilarious and most importantly they don't give 2 hoots what people think of them attending yoga.

Why is there an issue with men doing yoga? too feminine? too girly? must be because the yoga teacher is good looking? 


Well we are here to tell the world, what a load of nonsense. Men who attend yoga, ROCK. They're getting healthier, fitter, stronger , improving flexibility and ultimately succeeding in their sports!

Now why exactly would you want to miss out on all that? because your mate is teasing you? so next time your on the golf course, do a headstand and put your competitors off their game!  

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