Teaching kids yoga

October 10, 2017


 People often ask if I enjoy teaching kids yoga and why don't I teach adult yoga instead? well there are loads of reasons why I love teaching kids yoga!


 There are many benefits for kids (obviously), it is a fun way to enhance physical flexibility, helps with concerntation, balance, boosts self-esteem and confidence, all while using their imagination. I have seen amazing improvement in my little lotus yogis this year. The smiling faces and happiness when they run into the studio, all super excited to learn and have fun!


The more they practise, the more confident the little lotus yogi's become. I love it when I get sent photo's of the kiddos in yoga poses, at home or on holiday, they've actually asked their mom to send it through. Super cute right?


Not only can I see a big difference in the kiddos core strength but they have also learnt to respect their fellow yogis. When I first started teaching, there was a lot of interrupting and showing off, giggling when others fell out of poses. That doesn't happen anymore! The kids now put their hands up to ask questions or tell stories, listening to each other. Encouraging each other to try the pose again, loving the praise they receive for trying again.


There are many reasons why I prefer to teach kids yoga, the main reason is we, at Limber Lotus Lifestyle Studio, believe that if you teach kids to be positive and healthy , physically and mentally, from a young age, they will become positive and healthy adults. Who hopefully will respect themselves, others and their environment.


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