crazy social media pics:)

October 18, 2017


Too nervous to try yoga? because of all the crazy poses you see online? social media is an amazing tool to get your pics out into the world, you no longer need to pick up a magazine to see some crazy yogi in a crazy arm balance or back bend! Now you just open your facebook or instagram apps and they're all over.


We absolutely post these kind of pics, as well as the poses that we practice every yoga class, like the downward facing dog (in this pic). Yoga is not about how much you can bend or if you can touch your toes, its about how you got to that point of being able to get into a crazy social media post.

The pics hopefully inspire yogis to try out new poses and inspire new people to try out yoga!


The crazy social media posts, are to show you what your body is capable of doing, with regular practise and hard work you too will be able to post your own pics! If you don't try it, you will never know just how much you will love it!


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