yoga for kids with anxiety

January 17, 2018

There is so much pressure on kids these days to perform well at school, sports and afterschool activities. Their little lives are so full! and they generally love it! however at some point it can become a bit much and the pressure starts to take its toll.

Anxiety in kids is common, they all experience it at some point. New school year, homework, exams, the list goes on and on!


Yoga is a great way to calm kiddos down and help them cope with day to day stress and anxiety. Yoga for kids is an awesome way to develop confidence, through a series of poses combined with breathing exercises. Learning to calm yourself down is a great tool in the struggle with anxiety.


Mountain pose, waterfall pose, tree pose , downward facing dog, child pose and starfish pose are a few examples to help with anxiety. While practicing these poses with your kids, let them have fun, laugh and giggle. Let them tell you a story which connects the poses. Remember to breath! when their mind is focused on the fun, the pose and the breathing, they are not thinking about being anxious!












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