Everything you can imagine is real!

February 10, 2019



 2019 has started off with a bang! and we are LOVING it!

During the holidays we set out to create a mural, paint something in our studio that not only looks awesome but also something our yogis can pose infront of. We decided on butterfly wings, why? because each person who walks through our doors, puts their mat down and practices yoga, is changing, they're evolving into the best they can be! Taking time out of their busy lives for themselves, focusing on creating peace within themselves and appreciating everything that your body can do for you.


Everything you can imagine is real, a quote from a famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Anything we want in life, anything we can imagine for ourselves can happen. We just need to work hard and believe it will happen.


We can only hope that everyone feels the same as we do about our studio!

Looking forward to an awesome year of yoga, friendships and believing in ourselves.



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